Our lead devops engineer has left the company leaving me the only devops left. During his last month at the company, we interviewed a few guys for his replacement. Except for one guy who was ok at scripting, the other candidates can hardly write bash scripts. Unfortunately, the guy didn’t have knowledge on distributed systems so we couldn’t hire him.

I’m not saying that sysadmins who couldn’t scripts are bad ones. As long as you can get the job done, I don’t care what tool you use. I’m only disappointed sysadmins/devopses that I interviewed do not think that scripting is useful.
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First surgery!

I had my first surgery last Saturday. It was a small tumor in my neck. Sound serious? In fact, it’s not. I had that for 2 years, everything was fine, just my thyroid (?) decided to grow a little bigger than normal and the doctor recommended to just cut away a small part of it.

Anyway, the surgery lasted for 2 hours straight! I had to stay in the hospital for 2 days. The cut doesn’t hurt at all, maybe they gave me too much painkiller. It was a experience to remember though.

nginx load balacing

I have never been a sysadmin, however I had to work really much on that sort of things recently. That’s the thing when you are an intern at a start-up! I had to work on almost every position: sysadmin, back end dev, front end dev, multimedia, web, mobile dev. It’s kinda fun in fact, and I have learned so much.

So we have this service that is running on a powerful server. Unfortunately, it has to handle too many things at the same time. We tried to distribute many other jobs to different servers (the first day when I came, the company only had 1 server, now we have 13!), but itself alone does not have enough resource to handle the workload that we are going to have when our new customer will start their campaign a bit later.
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Playing full screen Youtube video on Linux

It has been really annoying for me since I cannot view full screen videos on youtube because of the stupid Flash plugin. Few months ago, I noticed I could by chance view some full screen youtube videos but few days after that everything went back to before. I didn’t now the reason until recently I heard about the html5 trial of youtube where video could be played with video tag of html5 instead of Flash plugin. I subscribed to the trial and now I can view the video I want. Great!

To join the trial, visit and subscribe. The new video feature is not perfect yet, some videos need refreshing to load smoothly. Some of them are not converted to webm yet and still use flash to play. However, most of the videos that I want to watch in full screen has a pretty high views so the speed is acceptable. I’m really waiting for this feature to go stable.

Naruto theme song: The raising fighting spirit

I am a fan of Naruto manga. I used to watch the anime also but I stopped at ~episode 60 of the Naruto Shippuden. The anime was a little bit slow for me so I am following just the manga.

I had some free time this afternoon so I thought ‘why not a cover of the Naruto theme song?’. I didn’t have much time for practice but whatever 😛 The video used was taken from another clip on youtube 🙂